Repository Fringe 2009

Image Attribution; Jim Downing, July 20th 2009.

Image Attribution; Jim Downing, July 20th 2009. Some rights Reserved;

ERIS had a recent outing to the Repository Fringe event,  a most enjoyable mix of people engaged in all forms of repository engagement and an informative few days overall.

In terms of project involvement – I presented my first ever Pecha Kucha session which basically involved delivering 20 slides, with only 20 seconds allowed for each slide.  It was an interesting experience preparing for it, and it certainly focuses the mind! That said, I’m not sure how much anyone would have got out of it, and as ever, if rushed I’m not the best at this sort of thing.

For me personally, the best presentation was on the use of marketing techniques to support the promotion of research outputs from Joyce Lewis of Southampton.  The presentation was entitled “Marketing and Repositories – Tell me a Story” I don’t have a link unfortunatly for the presentation or any more details other than to look at the datashare blog entry on the RF Pecha Kucha sessions

Other highlights for me were the round table sessions on day 2 of the meeting. We had three topics for consideration, one on the practical impact of OA mandates at institutions, one on data repositories and another on where IR’s will be in 5 years time. Rather than go into any huge detail, I’ll point you towards the excellent summaries posted at the DISC-UK datashare blog which were put together by Nicola Osborne, who is the Social Media Officer based out of EDINA.

I also had a useful premeeting with folks from the Repository Support Project and the Welsh Repositories Network, ahead of our more formal meeting in September about how we as a tripartite group might be able work together. More on that later.

Pictures of the event are available on Flickr


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