Planning progress

Well, there are a couple of updates on the project to tell you about.

Andy from JISC has ‘kindly’ posted the link to the 30 second introduction to the project that I gave to the Inf11 and VRE start up meeting a few weeks ago. I hate seeing myself on video, not least when its a very rushed presentation. Hey ho.

Here’s the link if you can bear it!

Other things of note;

The first draft of the project plan was successfuly delivered to the project partners for review on Friday of last week, and I’ve set a target for the sign off at the end of July.  Fingers crossed we won’t have to do too much in the way of re-work now.

Next stage on from that is going to be the full initiation of all the workpackage projects – going into some detail on the scoping of actvities and agreeing what we can realistically achieve with the resources we have and the timeframes we have set.

We’ve also started work on the full project website, which will be the supporting tool for our survey work with researchers, repository managers and other project stakeholders.  The intention is to use Buddypress to do this, as it incorporates the powerful functionallity of WordPress with additional social networking tools so we can use it to bring these stakeholder groups together.  I will let you know more as it happens.

I’ve currently scheduled a launch date for end September 2009.


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