ERIS at Open Repositories 2009

global.logoThe project has been attending the 4th Open Repositories event 2009 over in Atlanta,  and one of the connections that has been identified is between ERIS and the newly announced Scholars Workbench initiative ,that is championed through Fedora Commons.

The SW is described as;

“The Scholar’s Workbench Solution Community is being established to undertake its own scholarship in this area. It will gather existing information on how scholars use and generate information, and how they manage it, capturing experience that can be shared. It will specifically examine how digital repositories can support the management of information in the support of all aspects of scholarship. Repositories could be the core systems used, or they could underpin the use of other systems through integration with research-specific tools. How can the tools used for scholarship and research be repository-aware, and vice versa?”

Whilst this initiative looks more specifically at the use of repositories at a technical/toolset level, the ERIS project could well be a useful link between researcher/adademics and the development community.  Initial conversations have been held between the ‘owners’ of the SW and I hope to find out more and (potentially) sign up more formally in the first few weeks of June.


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